Thursday, October 27, 2011

Google Labels Bitcoin "Unacceptable Content"

Google is apparently not a particularly fond of Bitcoin. When trying to enable Adsense for this blog, they denied the application on account of "Unacceptable site content".

Google appears to think that there is something dishonest or immoral with Bitcoin. Granted that Bitcoin can be used for several illegal, illegitimate or morally questionable activities, but all currency can.

But I wanted to make it clear: this blog is about things I find fascinating at any one time. At the moment, Bitcoin intrigues me. Another day, it will be something else. I'm just a regular nobody writing stuff on a scale between "meh" and "EPIC".

For the record, Mr. Google, I do not advocate, condone or support any illegal, illegitimate or immoral activity - whether it is paid in Bitcoin, US dollars, Japanese Yen, Russian Rubles or monopoly money. And I do not care much for the insinuation.

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